Porto Maurizia during sundawn

One month of “travelling”

One month into an uncertain travel can mean anything. Crossing ten countries, spending it in one place or traveling around within the same borders. Looking back, I think I would have predicted being on the sailing boat already, helping to get it ready for the upcoming journeys. That has not …

Porto Maurizio

On leaving the door

The journey begins and I’ve left Germany behind. The first station of my journey is Italy and even though I finished this article on Saturday, I had some problems getting internet to upload the pictures I took. A few minutes ago you could find me sitting in a small cafĂ© …


Sailing trip? Check!

Well, I guess there is an update due. Why did it take me so long? Because it is not completely clear what …


Well, what happened last year?

I don’t think the last twelve months were adequately retold and I’d like to catch up on that for those interested in it.