Bilingual Blogging

“Kiwi auf Zeit” has been in German only; I already explained why I wanted to change that with this blog. What I didn’t answer though, is what this means for readers of my blog.

Looking at how you’re currently reading the English version of my blog you either didn’t find the language switcher or you prefer English. Since the whole site is still under construction so to speak, you’ll only find those settings in the footer. You’ve got the choice between German and English. Languages in which I hope to find readers and I’m capable of using on a level that enables readers to understand what I’m talking about. But what’s the difference?
None, pretty much. I general the content will be the same; there will be some slight differences in the nuances and some wordplays won’t work in both languages. Hence, read the language you prefer, you won’t miss out on anything important.

So far, there’s only a temporary subscription function online. For now it is already a bilingual version, even though quite a basic one. I’ll take care of that as soon as I’m done with the more important stuff. That will happen in form of a newsletter corresponding to the reader’s language (therefore only one language), but that has yet to become fully functional.

I hope that summed up all there is to know. Enjoy the show!