Well, what happened last year?

This post is not part of my actual journey and should be seen as an appendix. It’s purpose is to clarify a few things regarding references to the last year.

After getting back to Germany in January last year, I spent about a month just trying to figure out what I was gonna do next. Without success as you can imagine. The usual way would have been quite easy: School, studies, work. When thinking about studying, I would have had to decide on what as well as where. Neither am I comfortable studying Mechanical Engineering simply because it was the first thing that came to mind, nor am I sure about living in Germany for several years while doing so. Well, sitting around doing nothing is even worse and thus in March I started a voluntary service in biotechnology. After about three to four months working for the BRAIN stock corporation, I started developing the plan for my journey and I resigned after a total of six months voluntary service. That was at the end of August and I had already made the decision to move to Greifswald for the next few months. I had to take care of a few things before I left though.

The following month went by quickly while – in preparation for my travels – I had my last immunisations done and got rid of my wisdom teeth. They would have had to be pulled out later anyways but I didn’t want that to happen somewhere in South America. Or any other place for that matter, where medical facilities could be rare or the insurance unclear.

In October I moved northwards to the Baltic Sea and even though I had started searching for a job while I was still in Darmstadt, I hadn’t been successful so far. I had to hurry as any time spent without earnings meant less money for my travels and as a result I didn’t care too much what kind of job it would be. In the end, I had a chance at a call center, a delivery service and super market.
While trying to sell products for Bofrost, I had to realise being a bully isn’t really my strength; and I think that is a requirement if you’re trying to sell something to someone who clearly doesn’t want it.
BurgerKing has a delivery service in Greifswald. Sounds strange? Yeah, it feels that way as well. While I didn’t want to work in the kitchen there, I didn’t mind driving around and delivering burgers. That worked for a short while until it became obvious that not all parts of the – so far only verbally concluded – contract were made clear to me in the beginning. Let’s just say I’m not willing to work a stand-by duty (unpaid while not working) below minimum wage.
That way I ended up starting to work for Netto and even though the beginning was rough, it was a lot better than the first two options. And now, after two months working for them I’m actually quite happy with the new store I’ve been moved to. Even though I won’t be there for much longer as I handed in my resignation for the end of this month.

Hope that clears up those last few posts and you liked it.