Sailing trip? Check!

Well, I guess there is an update due. Why did it take me so long? Because it is not completely clear what was going to happen next and I didn’t want to give you information that could prove to be a theory only and never see a realisation. But let’s take a look.

In Germany we have a website called – since I used this exact search term on Google, it came up as one of the first results when I was trying to find an alternative to containerships. After going through the offers for a transatlantic crossing on this website, I only had one option left that didn’t require me to spend a tremendous amount of money on it. This one would have been a trip from Cape Verde to the ABC islands. Cape Verde would not have been the easiest point to get to, but I would have had to make it work if I wanted to get over the ocean. So I tried and mailed the skipper. Even though he didn’t require any sailing experience in his ad, he wasn’t too keen to take a beginner with him.
That way I ended up putting my own ad online :

Working a passage: Europe to America – Project “penniless”

Unusual request for an unusual project: the trip is supposed to go over the continents back into the old/new home New Zealand. The problem? I have to use as few money as possible! After “Graduating in New Zealand” the next blog project is supposed to be the return trip. For that I’m searching for a possibility to get from Europe to America.
While sailing experience is lacking completely, quick learning and hard work are mandatory. Those who want to know, what kind of person they get involved with, can take a closer look at the last two projects here:
Other ways to contribute to the journey from my side, can easily be arranged.Thus, those who want to participate supportingly in an unusual project are getting the opportunity here; and they’re giving one at the same time.

Within 24 hours I had a mail in my account from a skipper in Italy willing to take me. And in my text, I made it quite clear that I’ve never been sailing before so he knows what he’s getting into. But what exactly is the plan now?
First of all, we’re going to do a smaller trip around the Mediterranean Sea. This will probably happen with a bigger group of up to six people for one or two weeks and go to Sicily, Tunesia or the Balearic islands. After that we’ll have to see what happens next, as the skipper currently has an occupation that doesn’t allow too precise planning. Between those trips I’ll either take a closer look at the southern part of Europe or stay in the area depending on the interval between the trips. So far it looks like we’ll head to the Carribean and from there down to Brasil from where I’ll – hopefully – be able to start my trip around South America.

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